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Tut Tut

As I sat watching ‘Larkrise’, with a blanket that was crocheted for Munchkin when he was born, wrapped around my shoulders, I noticed Minnie’s shawl, wrapped around her shoulders, and was struck with inspiration!

So now I have THREE crochet projects currently on hook!
I am a great starter of projects!, can you tell?!
But I need to start finishing them so that is one of my resolutions for 2011.

Here’s a sneak peek…

There are 8 different colours, 4 blues and 4 purples. All acrylic this time!

The sun shines through my bedroom window, making a bright room for photo taking!

Another gorgeous day but absolutely freezing! We’ve already taken Munchkin’s cousin to school, walked Sky and I have experienced the ice and frost first hand… and bottom… and back… and head.
Yep, I slipped and landed flat on my back! Yep, I did hit my head on something hard but I wasn’t knocked out nor concussed thankfully!
And I thought DM’s were perfect footwear for all weather!!

Well, I’m off to do housework-y stuff, entertain Munchkin and maybe fit some crochet in if I can… Bye for now!



January’s ‘FROM MY WINDOW’

January is a good month to start something isn’t it?!

I have a view from the back of our house where I love to watch as the seasons change.

Each month I shall post up a photo or two of the view so you can share the changing landscape with me.

Can you see the rainbow?
Can you see that house just behind the field with sheep?
Lets take a closer look…

Isn’t that lovely?
That is my dream house –
Away from the hustle and bustle of a not-very-nice town::
Surrounded by woods
Looking out onto farmland

This is my favourite tree
I love seeing it
Fill with Leaves
Watch the leaves drop
See how it becomes a skeleton against the sky
Watch it get covered in snow
And watch the cycle start again.
A closer look?

Even that lane looks idyllic.

Don’t you just adore sunny winter days?


In lieu of snow…

… I shall give you another cat photo! Our jaunt to the veg shop was more exhausting than usual. The town was packed and only the main road was clear of snow. We did manage to buy some fruit and veg and I also found a large ball of chunky cream wool for 75p and a pair of knitting needles for 30p in one of the charity shops. I was looking for cushions inners but they wanted ridiculous money for cheapy polyfill ones!
On our return, Munchkin had his lunch and then slept until 4.30! So our lovely walk has been postponed until tomorrow. We did venture out to meet J off the train so some snow-fun at least.

Anyhoo, here is a photo of Pixie, one of Bilal’s sisters. She can be quite shy but rolls over when you scratch her ear. After getting the majority of ours girls spayed she was the only one to have problems with the stitches and spent a whole two weeks living in our bedroom with a cone on her head and very much enjoyed sleeping on our bed the whole time!

Right, I’m off to do some damage to a WIP!

Merry Yule to You!

Ah a white Yule, lovely! For me at least!

We’ve got a nice long day ahead of us, the plan is to GET OUT of the house. Munchkin and I are practically bug-free now so no excuse to not go and enjoy the snow while it’s here.
I’m going to stop in to see if our next door neighbour needs anything and give her some eggs, she’s elderly and not very well. Her daughter (who happens to my sister-in-law) lives a few miles away and I don’t know if anyone has been able to get out to see her with the snow stopping anything but 4×4’s from travel.
Then we’ll go to the greengrocer and buy a load of fruit and leafy green veg to build our immune systems back up. After that we’ll take Sky for a nice walk.
But before that I have to sort this house out… How does it get into such a mess?!

I shall be back later with Yuletide photos! For now here’s a shot of Bilal, or as we sometimes call him Smelly-Sock-Boy – he’s got a foot fetish and because of his strange thin fur he on occasion smells like old socks!

Crochet, Snow, & Birds

Hello there!

Feeling much better today and we’ve had so much more snow which is in abundance throughout Blogland!

This is my car – Jasper. As you can see he’s rather snowed under, this was yesterday. J cleared the snow but he’s been covered with just as much today. I haven’t driven him for about two months which is down to him needing repairs mostly, I miss driving him!

Here are my girls.  They wouldn’t leave their shed until I shovelled this path for them, it was so amusing to see their horror at all the white stuff! Front to back – Margo, Barbara and Jerry.

One of the most important things to remember in this weather is to feed the birds. Our garden is filled with sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, crows, bluetits and the odd robin or two (I actually saw two robins together today, I jumped for joy!) all through the day now which highlights the need to make sure there’s food out there for them.
Slightly off topic, when I went out to shovel another path for the girls I heard wind rushing past me. I looked up to see hundreds of birds flying above. It was so exhilarating, my heart stopped for a moment. If it wasn’t for the snow stopping traffic and causing this wonderful silence I would never had heard the birds wings flapping so loudly as they flew past. I felt so lucky!

The headband above is actually something I made with the intention of selling but after seeing so many much more beautiful creations on the web I decided against it! I’m only wearing this one now as I wanted something to keep my hair out of my eyes. Not my choice in colours and flowers don’t suit me but it did the job 🙂

I made this gorgeous ‘Granny Mandala’ in a few hours, one of my favourite makes to date! It’s all thanks to this amazing woman whose blog – Crochet with Raymond is so inspiring, I found it a few days ago and loving it!

Here’s my lovely, crazy, barmy girl, Sky, edging her way onto the mandala. See how big it is compared to her!
I wish I’d used more red in the centre but the greens/purples/blues are my favourites anyway.

Well, I’ve got another project on the go which I’ll show when it’s complete. Time to go now, got a toddler to get to bed and the zoo wants their supper!