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Crochet, Snow, & Birds

Hello there!

Feeling much better today and we’ve had so much more snow which is in abundance throughout Blogland!

This is my car – Jasper. As you can see he’s rather snowed under, this was yesterday. J cleared the snow but he’s been covered with just as much today. I haven’t driven him for about two months which is down to him needing repairs mostly, I miss driving him!

Here are my girls.  They wouldn’t leave their shed until I shovelled this path for them, it was so amusing to see their horror at all the white stuff! Front to back – Margo, Barbara and Jerry.

One of the most important things to remember in this weather is to feed the birds. Our garden is filled with sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, crows, bluetits and the odd robin or two (I actually saw two robins together today, I jumped for joy!) all through the day now which highlights the need to make sure there’s food out there for them.
Slightly off topic, when I went out to shovel another path for the girls I heard wind rushing past me. I looked up to see hundreds of birds flying above. It was so exhilarating, my heart stopped for a moment. If it wasn’t for the snow stopping traffic and causing this wonderful silence I would never had heard the birds wings flapping so loudly as they flew past. I felt so lucky!

The headband above is actually something I made with the intention of selling but after seeing so many much more beautiful creations on the web I decided against it! I’m only wearing this one now as I wanted something to keep my hair out of my eyes. Not my choice in colours and flowers don’t suit me but it did the job 🙂

I made this gorgeous ‘Granny Mandala’ in a few hours, one of my favourite makes to date! It’s all thanks to this amazing woman whose blog – Crochet with Raymond is so inspiring, I found it a few days ago and loving it!

Here’s my lovely, crazy, barmy girl, Sky, edging her way onto the mandala. See how big it is compared to her!
I wish I’d used more red in the centre but the greens/purples/blues are my favourites anyway.

Well, I’ve got another project on the go which I’ll show when it’s complete. Time to go now, got a toddler to get to bed and the zoo wants their supper!


Baking and Bottling

I had a kitchen day yesterday, I need a break from it now and think I’ll avoid garlic too – I couldn’t get the smell off my hands for ages!

First of all, a summer berry pie made from all our own strawberries, raspberries and mostly blueberries that we froze as we picked (new plants, not enough to make anything in one go) and some left over blackberries from the jam.

Before After. Oh my this was delicious! I’m so glad I waited until winter to make this, it was a piece of summer in minus temperatures!

And then I decided to finally do something with all the garlic that I grew on the allotment (sadly had to give it up, very sad) earlier in the year.
I found a recipe for pickled garlic in my River Cottage Preserves Handbook by Pam Corbin and here is the result…

So a fairly productive day. I hope to have finished a tunic that I started making and also a couple of christmas gifts need to be finished soon. More on them soon 🙂

I haven’t had a chance to put my new/old skirt in to action yet as little man and I are full up with colds and spending all our time indoors. Plus, the temperature has been -4 for the past week so not really skirt weather!
J has been very disappointed as it really hasn’t been very good weather for cycling and the back lane is all ice so he can’t use his motorbike, he’s been using my petrol-guzzling-not-working-quite-right beetle this past week. Not very economical but it’s still cheaper than the train!
It’s 4c today though so I shall have to get out the back garden and shovel chicken poop and ice!
My girls are so good, even through the horrid freezing cold they still kept on laying, most days we have one from each of them. I did notice a bit of discolouration on Margo’s comb a couple of days ago so brought her into the bathroom and put some vaseline on it. Just to be safe I did the same to Barbara and Jerry – they were very shocked, Margo spent over a month in the bathroom when she prolapsed but the other two have never been in the house. It was great though, they both stayed perfectly still so I could put the vaseline on! Whereas Margo knows the score and kept bobbing her head to avoid my fingers!
I’m looking on the website where we got these three from – a family run free range farm. After the new year I might be dragging J and Munchkin up there to collect two more! I really wanted a couple of black rocks but they’ll only have chicks available at that time and I don’t have time to look after chicks so I’ll either have to wait or choose a leghorn and a ranger. We’ll see!

Oh, I had to buy something new yesterday – a tin opener! It was needed as my penknife keeps going walkies to J’s shed and thankfully only cost £1. I’ll get a little list going at the side to which I’ll add my non food expenditures, be good for me to keep a track of everything!

Anyway, I’ve jabbered on enough, plenty to be getting on with today. See you soon!