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Scrap New Years Resolution…

… We’re starting from NOW!

J went off to work on his bicycle for the first time this morning. It took him 42 minutes and he said it was tough going, especially as there is ice and snow about but I think he’s happy with it. It’ll just get better from now on!

I might be taking Munchkin out on a playdate later and I’d like to wear a skirt but haven’t got one! My clothes situation is really dire! I’ve got a couple of pairs of jeans that are tidy and a pair with very worn out holes at the knees, ┬ábut I fancy wearing skirts. So what’s a girl to do?…..

Make a skirt out of my holey jeans of course!

Sorry there was a pic but its disappeared!

And I’ve finally thawed the 2lbs of blackberries from the freezer and made jam. The blackberries were foraged back in the late summer, sugar and one cooking apple bought.