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January’s ‘FROM MY WINDOW’

January is a good month to start something isn’t it?!

I have a view from the back of our house where I love to watch as the seasons change.

Each month I shall post up a photo or two of the view so you can share the changing landscape with me.

Can you see the rainbow?
Can you see that house just behind the field with sheep?
Lets take a closer look…

Isn’t that lovely?
That is my dream house –
Away from the hustle and bustle of a not-very-nice town::
Surrounded by woods
Looking out onto farmland

This is my favourite tree
I love seeing it
Fill with Leaves
Watch the leaves drop
See how it becomes a skeleton against the sky
Watch it get covered in snow
And watch the cycle start again.
A closer look?

Even that lane looks idyllic.

Don’t you just adore sunny winter days?