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A bit of early prep

I know we have a few weeks before the new year but I like to prepare early!

Nothing New For AT LEAST A Year


  • Food for us
  • Food for the cats, dog, goldfish, chooks and garden birds and vet bills
  • Medicines – painkillers and stuff like calpol for the Munchkin
  • Car/motorbike/bicycle parts and petrol (although I’ll be using my car very little and J hopes to pedal to work most days or use his motorbike)
  • Undies
  • Maybe yarn/fabric/sewing supplies if I run out but will try my hardest to buy 2nd hand
  • Nappies. Thankfully Munchkin only uses them at night now.
  • Birthday gifts for Munchkin and family. J and I haven’t bought for each in years!
  • Shoes for Munchkin and clothes that are desperately needed that can’t be found in 2nd hand shops or made
  • Compost to go in the raised bed I’m making in the garden and bricks to make the actual bed!
  • Cleaning products – washing powders, washing up liquid, bleach and all in one cleaners.

That’s the most that I can think of, it actually looks like a lot now I’ve written it down!

I’ll update once a week starting on 1st of January 2011.

Will post soon on things that I normally buy new that I will attempt to change 🙂