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I got the call…

They needed two people to try out for the position on Sunday in Cardiff. They shortlisted four people, of which I was one, but couldn’t choose just two from the four. So, they tossed for it and…


I lost 😦

I’ll get a call on Sunday or Monday, just in case the chosen two aren’t suitable or decide against the job but I’m moving on from it. If the other three people were into it as much as me then I don’t expect they’ll change their minds, I wouldn’t!!

Oh well, at least I’ll be able to get to do the Craft Market in Abergavenny and I won’t miss J’s birthday, my 30th or Munchkin’s 3rd birthday which all land on days that I would have worked.

Thanks for all the good luck and finger crossing, it was really appreciated! XXXX

I’d better get sewing!


Comments on: "I got the call…" (6)

  1. every interview is one to learn from, whether you get the job or not

  2. That’s very true GZ, diolch 😉

  3. That is such a cop out!

    ‘tossing a coin…….’ pfattt (indignant sound!)

    So sorry you didn’t get it you seemed so keen, but you are right to ‘move on’ get that sewing machine out girl!! Life goes on 🙂

    • I know, such a cop out! I had to stop my stubborn, defiant side from snapping “don’t bother” when she said she’d call again Sunday/Monday!

      Sewing machine is humming away, I’ll show you what I’ve made so far later today.

      Thanks Kate 🙂

  4. Just keep on keeping on, I would wonder how much support they would be able to give if they admit to a possible candidate that they actually tossed a coin. Good luck to the one that gets the job nothing worse than indecisive managers who pass the buck and blame the toss of a coin.
    Sounds as if you did really well, other jobs will come up, also if you were to miss 3 significant dates maybe karma decided the next ones for you.
    Love and xxx’s

    • Thanks Michelle, it was a bit crappy wasn’t it? They really couldn’t choose out of four people??

      Hopefully karma will send a windfall our way one day 😉 hehe!


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