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Had the Interview…

And I think it went well.

I was interviewed by two women, one the manager and the other was her assistant. They were really friendly and chatty. The whole interview seemed to be mostly them talking, telling me about the job and different scenarios that may occur. I must admit, my hopes kept getting raised and dashed, depending on the questions they asked!

You want to know what the job is?

Receptionist/Animal Care Assistant for the emergency vets!!! The hours are every Saturday 12-6, every OTHER Sunday 8.30-6 and bank holidays. Perfect hours! Perfect job!
It won’t be easy, being an emergency vets you don’t get the easy routine appointments. Most of the animals going in are emergency cases and their owners obviously distressed and worried.
But, I’ve always wanted to work in that field so if I get the job it’s a foot in the door for potential future animal care work!

I was in the interview for 45 mins, the last person being interviewed is at 3pm today so I should expect a call from 4pm or tomorrow morning. If I’m shortlisted I’ll have to go to their branch in Cardiff for a couple of hours on Sunday to see what the job is like and to give the head receptionist an idea of what I’d be like at the job. Then it’s up to her whether I get the position or not and I’d find out by Monday.

Now I just have to wait…. and wait! My house is going to be so clean!!!

Will update when I know!



Comments on: "Had the Interview…" (7)

  1. Oh I used to be a vet nurse – I loved it!! Fingers crossed !!!

    • Did you really?! Wow! I’d love to be a vet nurse but too old to do the training now haha!
      If it’s not too personal, why did you stop being a vet nurse?

      • Stopped – not through choice – when I had my boys. Where I was working had an active policy of discouraging the employment of women with children, preferring single or older women who did not have the responsibility of school hols or sick children – I know not all practices are like that and where I did work has changed it’s attitude a fair bit now the practice manager is a woman with children!

        I started as a small animal nurse and transferred to become a large animal vet nurse (no puns about weight gain please!!!) so that I could work with horses and farm animals – my preference.

        I worked in the vet business for 13 years, not sure now, but when I was working there was no union to protect vet nurses and auxiliary staff, it may have changed now. Hope it goes well – you will enjoy it!

  2. Sounds as if it went well..here’s hoping

  3. Still got all crossed loosing feeling in my elbows, hope you get it xxx

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