A self-sufficient(ish) life with cats, a dog, chooks, a little boy and a bloke.

Hello There!

Oh I’m so sorry I haven’t been about to write a decent post! I’ve been sewing up things to sell and am now about half way through, but more importantly – I have an interview tomorrow morning at 9.30!!!!

Nervous? Hell yeah!

Now I have to go and buy some tidy trousers as it’s been a very, very long time since I wore anything other than hippy skirts or jeans! Oh I also have to buy some make up. Mother Nature isn’t kind to my face during certain times of the month and although I dislike make up and am completely opposed to testing on animals I’m afraid just this once I’ll have to go against that for the chance of my dream job. If I get the job I’ll buy some proper BUAV approved stuff.

Right, I’d better go shopping… Bleurgh!

Will update you tomorrow




Comments on: "Hello There!" (6)

  1. Do your best, don’t try too hard!

    Hope you get what you need 🙂

  2. Good luck. Don’t forget … deep breaths, relax and just be you. The job will then be in the bag!

  3. Good luck, just believe and visualise yourself in the post and it will be yours.
    Where is it can you say?
    Will think of you at 9.30 xxx

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