A self-sufficient(ish) life with cats, a dog, chooks, a little boy and a bloke.

Please Excuse My Absences!

It has been a mad few weeks! Firstly, Munchkin is now happily in preschool twice a week for 2 hours a time. He’s enjoying it immensely, except for today when Bobby Bear came to read them a story. Munchkin and another little boy burst out crying! He’s ok now, has told me he played with trains and cars.

Secondly, I’m jogging three times a week now. I’m doing the Couch-to-5k training programme and it’s going great so far.
Still on my diet and doing well, I’ve lost 8 and a half pounds to date! Only 12 and a half to go!
The programme finishes on the 25th of March – the day before my 30th birthday(!). At that point I should be able to jog the whole 5k without needing to stop. Knowing this gives me so much motivation, especially as I’ve told myself to hang on for my birthday before deviating from the diet!

Had a lot of visitors to the house lately so I feel like I’m constantly cleaning and tidying. It’s very tiring!  We’ve had Indi’s friends and cousin over and my Dad has been up this weekend. It’s great seeing everyone but I don’t think they know how much work goes into making this house presentable! With this many animals it’s non-stop!

I have been crocheting of course. I tried to make a beret that I saw on Landgirls but my attempt went drastically wrong!

<<< What I wanted to make

What I did make!>>>





So not exactly what I wanted, I’ll try again one day. In the meantime, I’ve still got the circles blanket, ripple scarf, shawl on the hook and I started a baby blanket last night. It’s girly so don’t know why I’m making it… perhaps I’ll be able to sell it?!
On that subject, I need to find a way of earning enough dosh to at least cover Munchkin’s preschool fees. I’d like to let him go three times a week but it’s not cheap!
I need to think of something I can sew that will sell well… I’m thinking bags for little girls… Simple to make, cheap to buy so parents are happy, and maybe some bags for grown ups… Basic messenger style bags, bucket bags etc but with some applique to make them a bit more special…?
And then – where to sell them?! There’s a craft market in Abergavenny once a month but that won’t bring in enough… I shall have to have a look about. But first to make the bags!
Have I actually got girly fabric…?!

Sorry I haven’t been doing much commenting on blogs lately, I have been reading you! Will get back into it today, szee you soon! xx


Comments on: "Please Excuse My Absences!" (7)

  1. Good to hear of progress. It is too easy to get them in pre-school and ‘crash’ for a couple of hours- although that can be good too!

    Abergavenny Craft Market starts back in March. I’m trying to decide whether to book or not- but at least the rent is half the price of some others.
    Perhaps get some bags on Folksy or Etsy (I’m trying to decide which) if you are on facebook post some photos.
    I’ve just got two orders on facebook.

    • Thanks for the advice ‘potter lady’ (sorry don’t know your real name!)
      I find there’s too much competition on Folksy & Etsy, at least for the stuff I’m making but will definitely give the Market up in Abergavenny a try – how much is it by the way?!
      Well done getting orders through Facebook!

  2. Despite you saying that your beret looks nothing like how it was supposed – the one you have looks really good, love your ‘smiley face’ 🙂

    Try selling directly from your page, set up a paypal and cut out the middle man???

    It’s what I am wanting to do, and just need to get my head around doing it!

    • Thank you! It is wearable at least!

      WordPress don’t allow selling on their free blogs, you can buy the .org blog and sell from there but we’re looking into setting up a webpage one day… one day!

      Good luck setting up your shop, it is very hard to get your head around I agree!

      • My website costs £30 a year for the hosting (Solar Hosting) luckily I have a daughter who has designed it and a techie son who did the techie bits.
        On blogger I have a link to my website (and on facebook too)

  3. […] I don’t think I like that crocheted pouch up in the left hand corner (that was actually that blanket I said I started and didn’t know why!!). If it was a different colour it might be ok but those […]

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