A self-sufficient(ish) life with cats, a dog, chooks, a little boy and a bloke.

We Are Moving…

With the majority of my favourite blogs over on blogspot, and seeing the lovely set out over there, I’ve decided to move premises!

I’ve already started following all my favourite bloggers, and am finding it much easier to use.

So please take a gander at my new place – Gwnïo’s ‘Adventures’

Hope to see you soon!



Good Morning All!

It’s another wet day but yesterday was nice and dry and we actually did some outdoor work! Amazing!

While Munchkin was sleeping very soundly in his bed for a nap (which are exceedingly rare these days), J and I set to work out the back. He’s already done quite a bit – moving the shed about, making space for Jasper to sleep in the carport rather than out on the street and getting rid of rubbish. His plan was to rainproof the shed. Mine to convert my old allotment wheelbarrow into a small bed for some veggies. I drilled a few holes for drainage and dumped a pile of barely used soil into it, then we jammed it in place just under the bare tree – making sure the chooks won’t find a way of getting in it!
I have my seeds ready to be sowed, very little this year compared to what we’ve grown in the past. All the seeds I’ve collected are in two tins, it was fun yesterday going through them and choosing what to grow. I sadly patted my purple sprouting broccoli and kale seeds. One day I’ll have somewhere to have lots of those lovely veggies growing!
This year though I’m sticking to basil, rocket, cut-&-come again salad, radish, beetroot and a couple of cucumbers in the little greenhouse.
We must have about ten fruit bushes in pots out there, so the plan is to make a nice flat area on top of the shed and put them up there, again out of the way of hens and in full sun. When they start fruiting I’ll net them to stop all the local garden birds from having them.

On the sewing front, I’ve made a fair bit but still need to make a lot more.

I have five of the small coin purses prepared and waiting to be sewn up, two more of the bucket tote bags with the owl, a few more crochet coin purses, a messenger bag with another larger owl and pile of button-y goodness and I want to make some more make-up/toiletry bags.

Now, I need your honest opinions. Do they look too amateur-ish? Which would you leave out? I don’t think I like that crocheted pouch up in the left hand corner (that was actually that blanket I said I started and didn’t know why!!). If it was a different colour it might be ok but those colours just don’t do anything for me…

So what do you think? Should I even bother?!?!

Sara xx

I got the call…

They needed two people to try out for the position on Sunday in Cardiff. They shortlisted four people, of which I was one, but couldn’t choose just two from the four. So, they tossed for it and…


I lost 😦

I’ll get a call on Sunday or Monday, just in case the chosen two aren’t suitable or decide against the job but I’m moving on from it. If the other three people were into it as much as me then I don’t expect they’ll change their minds, I wouldn’t!!

Oh well, at least I’ll be able to get to do the Craft Market in Abergavenny and I won’t miss J’s birthday, my 30th or Munchkin’s 3rd birthday which all land on days that I would have worked.

Thanks for all the good luck and finger crossing, it was really appreciated! XXXX

I’d better get sewing!

Had the Interview…

And I think it went well.

I was interviewed by two women, one the manager and the other was her assistant. They were really friendly and chatty. The whole interview seemed to be mostly them talking, telling me about the job and different scenarios that may occur. I must admit, my hopes kept getting raised and dashed, depending on the questions they asked!

You want to know what the job is?

Receptionist/Animal Care Assistant for the emergency vets!!! The hours are every Saturday 12-6, every OTHER Sunday 8.30-6 and bank holidays. Perfect hours! Perfect job!
It won’t be easy, being an emergency vets you don’t get the easy routine appointments. Most of the animals going in are emergency cases and their owners obviously distressed and worried.
But, I’ve always wanted to work in that field so if I get the job it’s a foot in the door for potential future animal care work!

I was in the interview for 45 mins, the last person being interviewed is at 3pm today so I should expect a call from 4pm or tomorrow morning. If I’m shortlisted I’ll have to go to their branch in Cardiff for a couple of hours on Sunday to see what the job is like and to give the head receptionist an idea of what I’d be like at the job. Then it’s up to her whether I get the position or not and I’d find out by Monday.

Now I just have to wait…. and wait! My house is going to be so clean!!!

Will update when I know!


Hello There!

Oh I’m so sorry I haven’t been about to write a decent post! I’ve been sewing up things to sell and am now about half way through, but more importantly – I have an interview tomorrow morning at 9.30!!!!

Nervous? Hell yeah!

Now I have to go and buy some tidy trousers as it’s been a very, very long time since I wore anything other than hippy skirts or jeans! Oh I also have to buy some make up. Mother Nature isn’t kind to my face during certain times of the month and although I dislike make up and am completely opposed to testing on animals I’m afraid just this once I’ll have to go against that for the chance of my dream job. If I get the job I’ll buy some proper BUAV approved stuff.

Right, I’d better go shopping… Bleurgh!

Will update you tomorrow



Hopping From Foot To Foot!

Oh! I am so nervous!

I just sent my CV off for a job that would be absolutely perfect for me!

I wrote up my CV last night, it’s quite short but I did the best I could with it.

I’d be working weekends and bank holidays but to just get my foot in the door it would be worth it.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me, shouldn’t hang all my hopes on this but I can’t help it!

Please Excuse My Absences!

It has been a mad few weeks! Firstly, Munchkin is now happily in preschool twice a week for 2 hours a time. He’s enjoying it immensely, except for today when Bobby Bear came to read them a story. Munchkin and another little boy burst out crying! He’s ok now, has told me he played with trains and cars.

Secondly, I’m jogging three times a week now. I’m doing the Couch-to-5k training programme and it’s going great so far.
Still on my diet and doing well, I’ve lost 8 and a half pounds to date! Only 12 and a half to go!
The programme finishes on the 25th of March – the day before my 30th birthday(!). At that point I should be able to jog the whole 5k without needing to stop. Knowing this gives me so much motivation, especially as I’ve told myself to hang on for my birthday before deviating from the diet!

Had a lot of visitors to the house lately so I feel like I’m constantly cleaning and tidying. It’s very tiring!  We’ve had Indi’s friends and cousin over and my Dad has been up this weekend. It’s great seeing everyone but I don’t think they know how much work goes into making this house presentable! With this many animals it’s non-stop!

I have been crocheting of course. I tried to make a beret that I saw on Landgirls but my attempt went drastically wrong!

<<< What I wanted to make

What I did make!>>>





So not exactly what I wanted, I’ll try again one day. In the meantime, I’ve still got the circles blanket, ripple scarf, shawl on the hook and I started a baby blanket last night. It’s girly so don’t know why I’m making it… perhaps I’ll be able to sell it?!
On that subject, I need to find a way of earning enough dosh to at least cover Munchkin’s preschool fees. I’d like to let him go three times a week but it’s not cheap!
I need to think of something I can sew that will sell well… I’m thinking bags for little girls… Simple to make, cheap to buy so parents are happy, and maybe some bags for grown ups… Basic messenger style bags, bucket bags etc but with some applique to make them a bit more special…?
And then – where to sell them?! There’s a craft market in Abergavenny once a month but that won’t bring in enough… I shall have to have a look about. But first to make the bags!
Have I actually got girly fabric…?!

Sorry I haven’t been doing much commenting on blogs lately, I have been reading you! Will get back into it today, szee you soon! xx